4-H CLASSES ““ 100 to 126


1. Open to any 2020 4-H member in Eastern Ontario or Western Quebec within the area outlined in Rule 2 of General Rules & Regulations on page 1.

2. Each exhibit in Classes 100 to 109 inclusive must be sampled and prepared by the 4-H member and must be grown in 2020.

3. Each exhibit in classes 110 to 127 inclusive must represent work done in the 2020 4-H year.

4. A 4-H member may enter only one exhibit per class.

5. A 4-H member may exhibit from either the county in which the member paid their 2020 4-H Ontario or 4-H Quebec membership fee or from the county where the project was completed.

6. The Canadian 4-H emblem (at least 2″x2″ in 4-H green) must be located on the front of posters and exhibits. A copy can be down-loaded from the 4-H Ontario web site at 4-Hontario.ca.

7. All posters and exhibits must have the exhibitor’s name, age (as of January 1, 2020), club, and county printed on the back of the poster. All posters must have a title.

8. If, in the opinion of the judge, an exhibit is not worthy of first place, a prize worthy of the entry will be awarded.

9. No variety names are to be stated on any entries shown in classes 100-109.

10. All identification from previous competitions must be removed.

11. Exhibits must have completed OVSGA tags attached.

12. Display of 4-H lifeskills exhibits at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show will be based on available space and exhibit quality, and at the discretion of the Championship Show Committee.

Prize money in Class 100-122 – $25, $23, $21, $19, $17, $15, any other worthy entry $10

Class 100        Potatoes                      –           10 tubers

Class 101        Oats                            –           2 kg

Class 102        Beans (any variety)                2 kg

Class 103        Barley                          –           6 row, 2 kg

Class 104        Spring Wheat              –           2 kg

Class 105        Winter Wheat              –           2 kg

Class 106        Soybeans                    –           2 kg

Class 107        Grain Corn                  –           10 ears

Class 108        1st Cut Legume and Grass 4″ flake. 70 percent and 30 percent either way.

Class 109        2nd Cut Mixed Legume and Grass 4″ flake.  80 percent and 20 percent either way.

Classes 110 to 123 – Two divisions in each class. Junior (9 to 14 years of age) and Senior (15 years and over) as of January 1, 2020. Must specify on the entry form if exhibitor is a Junior or a Senior.

Class 110        Poster, size approx 22″ x 28″ relating to a specific 4-H project completed in 2020

Class 111        “ME” poster – a collection of photos/pictures and a hand or type-written one page (8.5″ x

11″) article telling about yourself, mounted on bristol board (size approx 22″ x 28)

Class 112        Poster of Photography – a collection of 8 – 10 photos, of “Your Club in Action”.

Mounted and labelled (approx 22″ x 28″)

Class 113        Collection of 10 actual weed specimens pressed, labelled and identified – in a book (standard 1″ binder) or duotang, or as a poster (approx 22″ x 28″).  Weeds as identified in the Canadian Weed Seed Order.


Class 114        Collection of 10 actual crop seeds labelled and identified – in a book (standard 1″ binder) or duotang, or as a poster (approx 22″ x 28″)

Class 115        Any item ““ Something NEW from Something OLD

Class 116        Any article of woodworking ““ not from a kit

Class 117        Any article of sewing ie. face mask, apron, etc.

Class 118        Any craft item ie. barn quilt, etc.

Class 119        Any item of Stitchery ie. knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, etc.

Class 120        Any item of Quilting

Class 121        One Page from a Scrapbook

Class 122        A 4-H Project Book or Recipe Book (standard size 1” binder or duo-tang) related to any 4-H project completed during the 2020 Club Year

Prize money in Class 123 – 1st-$60, 2nd-$50, 3rd-$40, any other worthy exhibit $20

Class 123        Artistic Display

  • Two divisions
    • Junior 9 to 14 years of age (as of January 1, 2020)
    • Senior 15 years of age and over (as of January 1, 2020)
  • Depict a topic related to 4-H using seeds, grains and field crop materials.
  • Display must be mounted on plywood with size not to exceed 15″ by 15″ (37cm by 37cm) by 1.5″ (4cm). Oversize exhibits will be disqualified.
  • The materials used do not have to be produced by the exhibitor but must be produced in Ontario. Entries in this class do not have to be shown at an achievement day before coming to this Championship Show.
  • Will be scored on: Creativity = 50%, Materials = 35%, Neatness = 15%

Prize money in Class 124, 125 and 126 – 1st-$30, 2nd-$25, 3rd-$20, any other worthy exhibit $15

Class 124        4-H Club Exhibit

  • Open to any 4-H Club.
  • Table space of 36″ x 30″ will be provided for the exhibit.
  • Exhibit not to exceed 42 inches in height and should be free standing.
  • The exhibit is to be educational in nature.
  • The exhibit must be prepared by two or more members of the same club.

Class 125        4-H Member Exhibit

  • Topic related to 4-H project completed in 2020.
  • Table space of 36″ x 30″ will be provided for the exhibit.
  • Exhibit should not exceed 42 inches in height and should be free standing.

Class 126        4-H Presentation ““ Video or Powerpoint *NEW CLASS in 2021

  • As per the guidelines of your 4-H Association
  • To be submitted on a portable usb drive

Prize money in Class 127 – 1st-$80, 2nd-$60, 3rd-$50, any other worthy exhibit $30.

Class 127        Best Sheaf of Cereal Grain

  • Sheaf may be constructed of Oat, Barley, Wheat or Rye plants.
  • Sheaf must be mounted to be self-standing.
  • No exhibitor may make more than one entry per kind, ie. one sheaf of Oats and one sheaf of Barley, but not two sheaves of Oats.


Any changes to this prize list will be updated by January 15, 2020, and posted on our web site at www.ottawafarmshow.com and will take precedence over this prize list.

If you have questions, or require more information, contact your county SCIA appointed Director.

Or contact Arlene Ross, OVSGA Secretary-Treasurer
[email protected]