OVFS18 Exhibitor Move-In Schedule

The Ottawa Valley Seed Growers Association is pleased to again offer free parking for all OVFS exhibitors and visitors. Please remember parking is limited, so carpool or take the shuttle when possible.

TRAILERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to park on site – this will be enforced. Offsite trailer parking is available at the lot at the corner of Albion Rd and Mitch Owens Rd, courtesy of W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd.

Booth Company Move-In
Sun Mar 11 Mon Mar 12
1000 S. A. Hicks Insurance Brokers Ltd. 9am
1001 Triolet B V 8am
1002 Ontario Landowners Association 9am
1005 South Nation Conservation 1pm
1008 National Bank of Canada 10am
1009 Forests Ontario 1pm
1010 Town and Country Chrysler 1pm
1011 Ferguson Forest Centre Tree Nursery 1pm
1012 Eastern Ontario Agrinews 1pm
1013 Ag Dealer 1pm
1014 Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario 1pm
1015 Webstone Holsteins Ltd. 1pm
1016 Bulls Eye Genetic Services 1pm
1017 ecoSolv Ag Technologies 1pm
1018 La Cité 3pm
1021 Ontario Plowmens Association 3pm
1022 Fellowship of Christian Farmers Canada 2pm
1024 National Farmers Union – Ontario 2pm
1026 Ingredion Canada Inc. 2pm
1027 Farm Supply Sales 3pm
1028 Ontario Farmer Publications 3pm
1030 JR Drilling 3pm
1031 Bluewave Energy Ltd./Ultramar 4pm
1032 Sign It Signs & Design 4pm
1037 Beugger Energy Equipment 5pm
1038 Grandview Concrete Grooving Inc. 4pm
1040 Sine Distributors Inc. 4pm
1100 Norwell Dairy Systems Ltd. 9am
1101 DeLaval 7am
1104 Liquid Feeds International 9am
1106 University of Guelph – Ridgetown Campus 10am
1108 Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Assn 10am
1109 Stonecrest Engineering Inc. 9am
1111 Ontario Mutuals 11am
1112 Farms.com/Ag Buyers Guide 2pm
1114 Kirchmeier Custom Work Inc 10am
1115 Professional Investments 9am
1116 Farmers Forum 12noon
1117 Agri-Trac Inc. 3pm
1120 Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show & Ag in Motion 1pm
1121 BMO Bank of Montreal 1pm
1123 Smellink Realty Inc. 12noon
1124 McDougall Insurance Brokers Ltd., formerly Brister Insurance 4pm
1125 Wever Financial 12noon
1126 RBC Commercial and Agricultural Services 4pm
1127 Dundas Agri Systems Inc. 11am
1140 MLS Insurance Brokers Inc. 5pm
1141 The St George Company Ltd 9am
1201 Secco International Inc. 7am
1207 EastGen Inc. 9am
1208 Union des cultivateurs franco-ontariens 11am
1210 Paul Lanthier Sales 10am
1211 Hakmet Ltd 10am
1214 Culligan Real Estate Ltd. 11am
1215 Dairy Lane Systems Ltd. 12noon
1216 Investors Group 9am
1220 Paul Mueller Company 2pm
1221 Lawrence’s Dairy Supply (1995) Inc. 1pm
1224 Farm Life Financial 3pm
1225 Alta Genetics 1pm
1229 VYF Distribution 3pm
1235 Pronovost 11am
1240 Fibre de verre Vaudreuil (fibreglass) 9am
1301 G. B. Équipments Inc. 7am
1306 CIBC 9am
1307 De Dell Seeds Inc. 10am
1309 LAC – London Agricultural Commodities 10am
1311 Wilfrid Major Ltd. 10am
1313 Usborne Books at Home – Anne Coleman 11am
1315 Lapointe Drainage 9am
1321 Hearing Life 2pm
1323 Transit Trailer Limited 3pm
1324 TD Canada Trust 9am
1325 London Eco Roof Manufacturing 3pm
1327 Britespan Building Systems Inc. 10am
1328 Davon Sales Inc. 2pm
1331 Cargill Animal Nutrition Canada/Purina 4pm
1335 Canwest DHI 10am
1340 Van Go Enterprises 10am
1341 Fusion Expert Conseil Inc 10am
1401 Ontario Federation of Agriculture 9am
1405 Scotiabank 11am
1406 Ag Leader Technology 11am
1408 M. Downey Excavating Ltd. 11am
1409 Penergetic Canada 10am
1410 Sun-North Systems Ltd. 10am
1413 Masterfeeds Inc. 1pm
1416 Coop Embrun/Agtrek 1pm
1420 Goldfields 10am
1421 Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Ltd 1pm
1424 Mark Ryan – Via Capitale Outaouis 1pm
1425 Farmers Farmacy/Grand Valley Fortifiers 10am
1429 London Dairy Supply Ltd. 10am
1430 V6 Agronomy Inc. 12noon
1431 La Sabotière 1pm
1433 Bugnot 9am
1434 Portage and Main Outdoor Boilers 10am
1440 AgriBrink 11am
2000 Quality Seeds Ltd. 11am
2001 Dow Seeds 11am
2004 ABS Global (Canada) Inc. 11am
2005 Canarm Ag Systems 11am
2008 FBC, Canada’s Farm & Small Business Tax Specialist 11am
2009 Bähler Buildings 1pm
2010 Milk Producer Magazine 11am
2012 The Kids and Ewe 12noon
2013 Multi Shelter Solutions 12noon
2014 Fife Agricultural Services Ltd. 1pm
2015 New-Life Mills 12noon
2020 International Stock Food 12noon
2021 Empire Construction 12noon
2024 AGI – Ag Growth International 1pm
2028 L & R Shelters Inc. 12noon
2029 Empire Barn Painting 9am
2031 Lamoureux Pumping Inc. 9am
2032 A&A E-Z Brush & Oiler Inc. 1pm
2033 Optimisation Agri-Tuning 1pm
2040 The SAM Group 3pm
2100 Delaware Pump and Parts Ltd. 10am
2101 We Can Contracting 10am
2102 Grober Nutrition 10am
2103 McCormick North America 11am
2106 Ritchie Feed & Seed Inc. 7am
2110 Select Sires GenerVations Inc. 12noon
2111 Lemken Canada Inc. 11am
2114 CCWG – Livestock Supplies 3pm
2120 Lewis Cattle Oiler Co. 12noon
2121 Ottawa Valley Harvestore 9am
2124 Boyd Bros. Concrete 3pm
2127 Earl Horst Systems Ltd. 2pm
2128 Tiesma Industrial Coverings Inc. 3pm
2130 Phil Ryan & Associates/The Co-Operators 9am
2131 Farm-Fleet Inc. 10am
2134 ESB Aluminum Products 2pm
2200 Thermo Energy Wolf Structures Inc 10am
2201 Siloking Canada Ltd 11am
2202 Dairymax Farm Solutions 10am
2203 Gallagher Power Fencing 11am
2207 Willows Agriservices Ltd. 1pm
2208 M & P Farm Equipment Ltd. 11am
2209 Jerry Cummings Painting Inc. 12noon
2211 HJV Equipment 1pm
2220 Bromley Farm Supply Ltd. 12noon
2221 HFL Fabricating 1pm
2223 Semences Prograin Inc. 1pm
2226 O’Farrell Financial Services Inc. 2pm
2227 Dan R Equipment 4pm
2240 Cooke Scales Inc. 4pm
2301 Comptoir Agricole Ste-Anne Inc. 9am
2302 Belisle Solution Nutrition 9am
2304 Broadgrain Commodities Inc. 9am
2306 Armtec 12noon
2307 Cheff Farm Solutions 11am
2309 WEPC Inc. 9am
2311 JJM Concrete Grooving 9am
2313 Monsanto BioAg 12noon
2315 Maizex Seeds Inc. 2pm
2320 Milo Seeds Inc. 2pm
2321 La Coop Fédérée 3pm
2322 BASF Canada, c/o ON Communication 1pm
2326 Interlock Industries Inc. 3pm
2401 MacEwen Petroleum Inc. 11am
2403 MacEwen Agricentre Inc. 1pm
2408 DuPont Crop Protection 11am
2411 Synagri 2pm
2412 Storm Internet Services 11am
2414 DuPont Pioneer 9am
2415 Precision Planting Inc. 9am
2421 Casselman Farm Equipment Ltd/Bobcat of Cornwall 2pm
2425 Port of Johnstown 2pm
2427 Farmers of North America 2pm
2430 Kuhn Farm Machinery 11am
2501 GPS Ontario 10am
2505 Stubbe’s Precast 9am
2507 DV Systems 12noon
2509 RD Legault Seeds Ltd. 12noon
2510 Grain Farmers of Ontario 2pm
2513 American Farm Products 9am
2514 C & M Seeds 10am
2517 Mapleseed 10am
2521 SG Ceresco Inc. 2pm
2524 Agrocentre Belcan Inc. 8am
2525 Advanced Grain Handling Systems Inc. 1pm
2531 Ontario Seed Growers’ Association
2601 ALPINE 10am
2603 Agri-Trend, A Division of Trimble 7am
2604 Mircom Engineered Systems 11am
2605 UAP Canada 7am
2606 Homestead Organics 12noon
2609 Country Farm Seeds Ltd. 7am
2610 Siegers Seed Company 10am
2612 William Houde Ltee. 9am
2613 Axter Agroscience Inc. 10am
2614 Sevita International – PROSeeds 1pm
2617 Argis 2000 Ltd. 1pm
2702 Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. 11am
2704 Nuhn Industries Ltd. 10am
2708 Palmerston Grain/South West Ag 11am
2712 A&L Canada Laboratories 11am
2714 EasyFix Rubber Products North America 12noon
2716 Sangers Silo/Shotcrete 2pm
2721 Walinga Inc. 2pm
2723 Farm Credit Canada 12noon
2730 Ottawa Valley Seed Show – Court of Honour 10am
3001 iSolara Solar Power 10am
3003 Pickseed 10am
3007 Horizon Seeds Canada Inc. 8am
3009 Allied Associates LLP 8am
3011 Hensall District Coop 8am
3013 Semican 8am
3015 Derks Elevator Inc. 8am
3017 Speare Seeds 1pm
3021 General Seed Company 2pm
3023 Ontario Flag and Pole 2pm
3025 Nuhn Forage Inc. 10am
3029 Souvenirs OVFS18 2pm
3040 G Horst Enterprise 9am
3100 PLS Insoles Inc. 10am
3101 Cadman Power Equipment Limited 9am
3102 Agri-King Inc. 10am
3106 PRIDE  Seeds 3pm
3107 LS Tractor 3pm
3110 Valley Bio Limited 3pm
3114 Richardson International Ltd. 1pm
3115 Dynamique Technologies Inc. 2pm
3117 Costco Wholesale 3pm
3120 Old Fashioned Fudge Inc. 4pm
3121 Wallenstein Equipment 3pm
3122 Weberlane Mfg. (1990 Co.) 10am
3125 Luck//Now Products and Helm Welding 1983 Limited 12noon
3129 Peter Chase Enterprises 8am
3130 Distribution ADLS Inc. 3pm
3131 Harvex Agromart Inc. 8am
3132 Marketbook/AuctionTime.com 3pm
3134 Monsanto Canada Inc. 9am
3140 Spread-X 9am
3201 Casselman Tire Inc. 10am
3207 Poettinger Canada Inc. 8am
3214 MegaDome by Harnois 2pm
3216 Oegema, Nicholson & Assoc Ins Brokers Ltd 3pm
3221 Horst Welding/Tubeline/MKMartin 2pm
3227 Green Tech/John Deere 100th 12noon
3228 R & W Equipment 7am
3232 Kelln Solar 7am
3233 Jim Tubman Chevrolet 12noon
3234 Les Fondations Brisson Inc. 7am
3236 Rostech Electronics 7am
3240 Sylvain Leduc Land Clearing 3pm
3300 Faromor Ltd. 10am
3301 East-Can Equipment Sales 9am
3304 WER Rentals and Sales 10am
3309 Jaylor Fabricating Inc. 10am
3321 Green Tech 9am
3332 Hardi North America Inc. 10am
3333 Steqcan Inc. 11am
3400 Normand Company Ltd. 10am
3401 Weagant Farm Supplies Limited 10am
3406 Brodie Ag & Industrial Inc. 3pm
3408 Bearbrook Game Meats Inc. 4pm
3409 Kubota Canada Ltd. 1pm
3410 Hy-Grade Steel Roofing 2pm
3412 Frontlink Inc. 2pm
3420 Leading Edge Equipment Ltd. 3pm
3421 New Holland Canada 11am
3428 Spuehler Shop 12noon
3430 Morton Equipment Ltd 12noon
3435 Raytek Industries 3pm
4001 Agrodrain Systems Limited 10am
4003 VandenBussche Irrigation 10am
4007 Marcrest Manufacturing Inc. 10am
4009 Green Lea Ag Center 12noon
4013 The Door Company 12noon
4015 Evergreen Liquid Plant Food Ltd. 2pm
4021 DICKEY-john/Champion Industrial Equip. 3pm
4023 Fawcett Tractor Supply Ltd. 1pm
4025 GeoShack Canada 1pm
4027 DeCloet Greenhouse Manufacturing Ltd. 1pm
4029 Smart Turner Pumps Inc 9am
4033 Soleno 9am
4040 Dt Mobile Wash Inc 2pm
4100 Gregoire-Besson Canada Inc. 7am
4112 Mahindra Canada/Reis Equipment 9am
4120 Woodmaster of Ontario, Jack’s Sales & Service 4pm
4122 Guttler 2pm
4124 Pols Enterprises Ltd. 2pm
4126 Green Valley Heating 9am
4130 Heatmaster (Hwy 511 Heating Solutions) 9am
4200 DFK Equipment Sales Inc. 7am
4216 Equipements PFB Inc. 12noon
4220 Mohawk Equipment Ltd. 4:30pm
4223 FarmBase 3pm
4224 CNK Ag-Tech Inc. 10am
4225 Dundas Performance & Secured Holmes 2pm
4227 Meridian Manufacturing 12noon
4231 Husky Farm Equipment Ltd. 8am
4232 Dion Ag Inc. 11am
4240 Goodman & Uhr Silage Plastics 2pm
4300 Penta c/o Reis Equipment 7am
4300 Reis Equipment 7am
4300 Salford Group Inc. 7am
4322 ValMetal Inc. 11am
4332 Elliott Farm Equipment Ltd. 4pm
4340 GTR Scales Ltd. 2pm
4420 Harco Ag 4pm
4432 Sontrac Equipment 5pm
4436 Central Boiler Inc./North Star Heating 5pm
4440 Raats Custom Farming Ltd 4pm
4501 Orkin Canada 10am
4503 Bruce Sales 10am
4507 Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food  & Rural Affairs 10am
4511 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 12noon
4513 Agricorp 11am
4521 Ideal Pipe 4pm
4523 Drainage Superintendents Assn of Ontario/City of Ottawa 4pm
4525 Pathfinder Lubricants Inc. 4pm
4527 Krown Rust Control Systems 4pm
4529 Ontario Joint Pipeline Committee 4pm
4531 Gateway Enterprises 4pm
4537 Ministry of Transportation 5pm
4539 Colvoy Enterprises 2012 Ltd. 4pm
Hall B 4-H Displays 10am
Hall C Quilting Displays 10am
Hall D Valley Heritage Radio 10am
Hall D Antiques – Vintage Iron and Traditions of Eastern Ontario 10am
L1 Ontario Sheep 2pm
L10 Ontario Bison Association 2pm
L11 Rare Breeds Canada 2pm
L12 Champlain Regional Cancer Program 2pm
L13 Canadian Foodgrains Bank 2pm
L2 Ayrshire Ontario 2pm
L3 Ontario Holstein 2pm
L4 Jersey Ontario 2pm
L5 Ontario Blonde d’Aquitaine Association 2pm
L6 Ottawa Valley Shorthorn Club 2pm
L7 Ottawa Valley Hereford Club 2pm
L8 Ottawa Valley Angus Club 2pm
L9 Ottawa Valley Simmental Club 2pm
OD1 G. B. Équipments Inc. after 1pm
OD10 André Service Agri after 1pm
OD11 Raats Custom Farming Ltd after 1pm
OD12 Walsh’s Farm Supply after 1pm
OD13 Penta c/o Reis Equipment after 1pm
OD2 Reis Equipment after 1pm
OD3 Town and Country Chrysler after 1pm
OD4 Distribution ADLS Inc. after 1pm
OD5 Siloking Canada Ltd after 1pm
OD6 Green Lea Ag Center after 1pm
OD7 Raytek Industries after 1pm
OD8 Brochard North America after 1pm
OD9 DFK Equipment Sales Inc. after 1pm
ODP1&2 Normand Company Ltd. after 1pm